Phase 1
- Signing the Letter of Intent
- Provides client with Commercial offer and pro-forma invoice include payment schedule
- Negotiates and sign with client for contract
- Negotiates and signs with client for investment Agreement if necessary
- Deposits funds for BEP and for Territorial License Fees
- Provides us with land blue prints for initial layout included (land survey) utilities and road access
- Appointing board of directors and day to day operation manager for Ecotech refinery project implementation
Phase 2
- Performs with detailed feasibility study market opportunity
- Provides client with all kinds of data for applying local permits and working license (civil work, fire, labor, safety, environmental)
- Choosing local civil engineering company for site preparation and civil works implementation
Phase 3
- Commencing with civil works and storage tank farm construction by client
- Provide us Local temporary site storage for parts and labor social facility construction (or ready camp-housing purchase), detail spec. will be provided by us
- Commencing with procurement and parts ordering included spare parts and warranty services
- Open tenders for local fabrication shops for possible miscellaneous works
Phase 4
- Commencing with civil works and storage tank farm fabrication
- Local temporary site storage for parts and labor social facility construction (or ready camp-g purchase)
Phase 5
- Continue with fabrication, procurement and Clint performs the construction of storage tank farm, loading and unloading terminal, pretreatment and de-watering plant
- Organize the team of waste collection, logistics, and drivers training for basic collection procedure and testing equipment use in the field
- Commences the assembly and structural construction necessary for main equipment arrival
- Build the PLC, social, spare, parts and Client prepare repair shop and laboratory construction
- Transportation, logistic and import tax & duties shall be born by Client.
Phase 6
- Fabrication, completion of procurement, assembly work and testing main equipment (water test)
- Commencing of assemble and implementation of main components and equipment Safety equipment
- installation and testing Piping end electrical connection assembly PLC and instruments connection assembly
Phase 7
- Assembly and final connections between main equipment, testing in conjunction to partial processes (testing of main equipment (gas testing for potential leakage)
- Safety equipment testing for trouble shutting purpose
Phase 8
- Commissioning and start up of the processing plant
- Start initial training of operation personnel
- Manuals and operation modes training and transfers
- Laboratory procedures included raw oil and final fuels testing method (training and procedures)
- Personal training
- Process and final performance check up
- Signing acceptance of the process performance and reception of the plant document
- Transfer of the ownership of the Ecotech refinery to the Client.