Thermal processing of used lubricating oil and waste motor oil, based on the solution provided by UTOPIA, is a semi-automatic and continuous process. The cracking furnace is the bathtub vessel type with the surface externally fired by flue gas and with the thermo siphon mixing is applied. Large mass of the liquid of the bathtub vessel inventory and the high thermal capacity of the system give a number of advantages:
Process is insensitive to the feed quality transient
The control of the cracking temperature and furnace capacity is easy
The range of operation capacity is high, including temporally failure of feedstock feeding.
The fired surfaces are flat and easy for cleaning.
The patented Ecotech Waste Oil Refining System Converts used lubrication oils into a diesel-like fuel with an efficiency of approximately 98% on a mass basis, the remaining material consisting of an environmentally non-leachable ash cake, a small amount of gasiline an some hydrocarbon vapors that are burnt in a gas neutralization tower.
The process consists of four basic modules in which the fundamental processes are purifying and de-watering, thermal cracking and distillation, stabilization and filtration of oil and automated control syste. The process adapts automated shut-down safety features and operates 24 hours per day, with typocally 87 hours of 1 batch operation including approximately 4-6 hours downtime for cleaning. The entire process is continuous and automatic, environmentally friendly, and can even be self-fueling.
Every car, truck, bus, train, diesel generator, ship and heavy construction equipment uses engine oil, gear oil and some hydraulic oil, which has to be replaced periodically.
Considerable amount of that oil is improperly disposed of, and represents a serious threat to the preservation of environment in every corner of the world.
The product diesel-fuel meets international, environmental standards for use in industrial, commercial burners and boilers, vehicles and machines equipped with diesel enginer.
The by-products of the process are heat and small quantities of a stable, non-leachable ash cake that is environmentally innocuous carbanaceous cake and is completely safe to handle and disposed.
An invertment in Ecotech Wate Oil Refining System includs site planning consultation, thorough personnel training, installation, and trial-run of the equipment.
In addition, all units are equiqqed with state-of-the-art computerized controls that permit instant on-line analysis of your plant operatin by our expert technical support team.
All components of the equipment are of the highest quality, to ensure years of proitavle service. For economically advanced system, we, PATENT HOLDER will continue R&D.
Waste Oil Collectors
Increase profits by creating a valuable end product, diesel type fuel instead of selling the waste oil as a low grade fuel harmful to the environment.
Government organizations
Support a logical, cost effective method of solving your waste oil problem. The profit potential of the Ecotech Waste Oil Refining System eliminates the need for long-term government financial support associated with archaic oil recycling technologies.
Waste oil dumping, incineration and road oiling practices release the harmful waste oil contaminants into our environment. The Ecotech Waste Oil Refining system by-product is a non-leachable solid cake which prevents these kinds of contaminants from poisoning our air, soil and water. The by-product can be recycled to recover the carban and metal components, therefore offering complete recycling of waste oil.
Diesel Type Fuel Oil
- Diesel Generator Power Statin(Diesel Engine)
- Thermal Power Station(Boiler)
- Mobile Diesel Generator(Diesel Engine)
- Space Heating and other types of Boilers
Solid Ash Cake
- Mix for asphalt raw material
- Guard stone for landscaping
- Fire sources for various conventional boilers
Capacity in m3/year 3,000 6,000
Electric power demand in MWH/year 200 250
Compressed air demand in Nm3/year 400,000 400,000
Solid ash cake in Mg/year 120 240
Very high efficiency of 98%
Environmentally safe products
Does not require raw material other than used oil
Module structure of the technological line
Computer controlled operation
Multiple safety system
Excellent profit potential
Optional Module structure, Low operation cost
Easy to operate and maintain
Physicochemial parameters of oils
Leachate Tests on Ash Cake Residue
Ash Cake analysis
Aur Emissions from Gas Neutrailzation Tower