The ever-increasing volume of wastes generated by the industries and general public's demands have made governments of the world stand up and look into the problem seriously.

This major problem of wastes has thus created a need to find the best form of disposal or recycling. Many wastes are presently disposed off in a very haphazard way and have brought about pollution and environmental damage. While there are plants that clean up wastes, their technology is not highly productive. Some go for incineration which just burn the wastes and pollute the environment with no economic returns. There is just no return. Some manage to recycle the waste into usable by-products and often in a profitable manner. These are the technologies that the authorities are looking for to solve their woes. During the last decade many recycling technologies have been introduced and some have very high returns with recycling.

Waste lubricating oils are flooding the drains and rivers of the environment with some being collected, to be incinerated. This is a waste of good recyclable resources. At the same time the incineration processes often produce pollution. Therefore a technology that not only recycles the waste lubricating oils but also, at the same time, is environmentally friendly and provides a usable by-product from the process will be most ideal for the needs of a green planet.

Our new technology using innovative thermal cracking and unique distillation process is able to recycle the waste lubricating oils into usable fuel oils efficiently and economically.

Addressed to all environmentally mindful people:
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