Vice-President and partner of Utopia Korea Ltd., is a veteran of corporate marketing, factory management, consulting and entrepreneurial business. He graduated from Chung-Ju Technical University of Korea with M. Sc. of Metallurgies Engineer. With over 30 years experience as a Senior Process Engineer in various refineries, chemical plants, coal and gas plants in major engineering companies in Korea and he become today one of the most wanted mechanical process engineer land Mr. Choi has extensive experience regarding all activities of chemical process, such as site supervision, knowledge required of handling the increasingly complex technical and commercial challenges associated with modern projects. He is well versed in the all aspects of process calculation both manually using Microsoft Office package abilities. He is familiar with ISO 9001 requirements and procedures implementation both. He is also well familiar with American and British industry standards, especially with aspect of plant safety systems. Presently he is operating Dae-Ro Industry Co., Ltd. where we used to build up ECOTECH system and other experimental works. Mr. Sam Lee has also 10% equity of Dae-RoIndustry Co., Ltd.