It is our strategy to maximize the potential of thermo cracking science and its industrial applications. To achieve this, focused research is required on an ongoing basis covering both the thermal process and its applications.

The research itself will be undertaken both in the laboratories in Korea and Taiwan. R&D is conducted to tailor the ECOTECH to specific commercial applications in collaboration with customers, whilst research into the properties of the ECOTECH technology continues alongside.

UTOPIA Korea Ltd., provides you with a complete process "waste-to-energy" and the entire waste stream is diversified. Micro refining is the optimal solution for:
Waste oil collectors who face costly recycling processes and high tipping fees.
Existing recyclers who wish to expand plant capacity and produce a higher value end product.
Waste oil generators such as steel plants, transport and shipping companies, seaport facilities, railroad, mining, heavy industry, etc.

Furthermore, end-result of the process is renewable energy - a commodity that can be sold or used elsewhere in plant operation at significant cost savings plus the possibilities of earning energy credits.

Utopia Korea Ltd., offers more than just a unique refining process. Utopia Korea Ltd., provides modular design with easy expansion, on site personnel training, continuous monitoring and support plus efficient profitable plant operation

Utopia Korea Ltd., has successfully implemented its patented process technology and successfully tested by many clients in several countries around the world.

Low emissions and energy self-sufficiency mean better use of waste resources. Our Oil Refining Technology using micro-refineries complies with increasingly stringent environmental regulations while transforming potentially hazardous waste into a beneficial product.

Utopia Korea Ltd offers an alternative to traditional waste oil disposal methods that is both environmentally responsible and profitable.

The company will increase its scientific capabilities with the recruitment of scientists conducting research and supporting field projects in addition to an oil industry product manager. The company's sales penetration will also be enhanced by closer collaboration with our partners. Utopia Korea Ltd., will continue to support the firm's marketing arm and use partners and agents to secure business globally within the coming year.