Utopia Korea Ltd., business model is built around high technology and driven by innovative solutions for the customers.

It is characterized by:

Global markets with premium margins and high value potential
Long term developments and joint co-operation with key customers
Collaborative product and service developments
Win-Win' relationships from supplier to customers

Utopia Korea Ltd., derives revenues from five sources:

ECOTECH series turn-key processing plant supply
Licensing and associated royalties
JV operation with suitable customers
Providing operation management and services to the existing customers
Consultancy and technical know how

Close collaboration with the Korean Recycling Technology Council and belonged institutions is an integral part of the company's strategy. This relationship allows Utopia Korea Ltd., to fully access wide range of advanced facilities available within the mentioned institutions.

High oil prices have made the extraction of this energy source economically viable and have created a previously untapped market. The potential revenues from this solution are substantial and other opportunities exist elsewhere in the world. Utopia Korea Ltd. is planning to place a long-term application for Middle - East countries.

As the company continues to develop its industry contacts, it has become clear that the above opportunity could have the greatest profit potential of all waste oil recycling industry solutions.