UTOPIA and its associates have been active since the 1991 and a number of key milestones have been achieved. Initially batch and later semi-automatic waste oil thermo cracking, stabilization, and filtration process has been successfully developed and patented in 1996 and 1997.

Since 1991 nine turn-key operating plants with more than twenty thermal cracking units have been fabricated and delivered to the clients in five countries worldwide - see our reference list:
Secure a new worldwide patent for the EOCTECH technology and know how.
Achieve market access through the joint development with establishedIndustrial partners through licensing and agency contracts.
Further strengthening IP rights through application specific patent extensions.
Strengthen the company's Board and management team from worldwide partners.

Utopia Korea Ltd., with its Associates and Partners is now rolling out its technology in the global recycling oil field services industry by:

Aggressively developing specific environmental applications and new markets worldwide.
Continually seeking out other environmental industry markets.
Increasing its scientific base by recruiting high caliber scientists.
Establishing a physical presence in South American, Middle East and European oil recycling markets.

With its Associates and Partners, Utopia Korea Ltd., will continue to invest in research in life sciences and actively seek out other market opportunities.
UTOPIA Korea Ltd., will collaborate with key industry partners to develop and commercialize these innovative scientific solutions based on the ECOTECH series technology to meet specific customer needs in its chosen sectors like: solar power plant (Germany Sun-Energy), combine cycle power generation (Canada IST), fire fighting turn-key system supply (Italy Sanco), butt weld piping material supply (Italy Tectubi), sulphur reduction and improved applications based on renewable energies & environment technologies.