First of all, we are proud of being leading company of waste oil recycling industry in the world. Over the last 18 years Utopia Korea Ltd., with our original patents and improvements, engineering team and associated companies, have focused on the sales of waste oil recycling process plants and sludge residue deposits recycling, oil spill, and waste oil deposit problems solving and continuing improvement of obtaining Grade #2 product oil from ECOTECH waste oil refining system. The R&D Division is addressing a number of proprietary oil field applications by employing the diverse properties of the conventional thermo cracking and distillation technology (ECOTECH).

Utopia Korea Ltd., with Associates and Partners, is ready to provide solutions to customer requirements crossing a wide range of waste oil industry sectors using critical and proprietary technologies in many cases. With several joint venture plants under planned Utopia is poised for growth in selected countries. We expect to be a significant factor in building a better world through the use and promotion of alternative energy systems and fuels. ECOTECH reputation for excellence is backed by the strength of our international customers and diligent professionals in our country.

Experience・ Reliability・ Response・. Credibility・. Reputation・..
These are the hallmarks of Utopia Korea Ltd.

UTOPIA is a cost efficient and flexible organization with low indirect cost with reasonable overhead. We therefore pass the savings to our customers and sister companies.
UTOPIA believes in mid-size to small-size operations while it has the capabilities for building larger scale facilities.
UTOPIA helps its customers during the feasibility stage with raw materials sourcing, marketing, management, quality control training, maintenance and support throughout the plant's life.
UTOPIA is to maximize the localization in an effort to transfer the technology provided that there is sound agreement with local customer and partners.
UTOPIA offers several business models to choose from including licensing, joint ventures and plant operations under contract.
UTOPIA believes in WIN-WIN solutions.
UTOPIA will also assist the customers in planning and sourcing of their financing.